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Is the interior design service available all over the world?
Yes, it is possible to use this service all over the world. The only exception is that the product list will only cover certain global regions. If you live in a region not covered, the interior designer will propose a list of items for your room and give guidance on how to find similar products.

Will I have personal contact with the interior designer?
Yes, you will communicate with the interior designer in a way you feel most comfortable, whether that’s via email, phone, Skype or WhatsApp.

How will the interior designer know what style I like?
As part of the process you will fill out a survey which will provide your interior designer with a style profile. You can also submit images of spaces you find inspiring.

Can you also use my existing furniture in the interior design concept, or does it have to be new products?
The interior designer would be very happy to integrate your furniture into the new concept for you.

Can I only ask for minor changes and accessories?
Yes, it is possible to update your home with minor changes and accessories only if that’s what you are looking for.

Will the interior designer also help with wall colours?
The interior designer is used to working with overall concepts, so if you ask for colour suggestions then this will be incorporated into the final proposal. You will receive the Colour Index Constitution Number (CICN) for the colours so that you can mix the paint locally.

How will the interior designer know the room measurements?
It depends on the look of your room and your requirements. Should the interior designer require the exact measurements, he / she will ask you for them along with best practice tips on how to measure a room.

What can I expect to receive at the end of the service?
An interior design service includes:
  • Professional interior design service for one room (up to 40 sqm / 430 sqf).
  • A mood board adapted to you and your style.
  • 2D layout of your room
  • A product list based on your needs and preferences, so that you can easily order the items (or seek similar alternatives)
  • Direct contact with an interior designer via phone, Skype, e-mail or other
  • Open discussions about your room including how you intend to use the space, how to incorporate existing furniture and any special requirements.
  • Not 100% happy with your design? Our interior designer will be happy to provide one updated proposal according to your requirements.
How much does the service cost?
A flat rate of €300

What payment options are available?
We accept Mastercard, Visa and other types of credit card payment.

Can I expect any additional fees?
No, the interior design service is charged as a one-time fee at the start of the project. The fee does not include furniture and accessories.

How do I order the products?
You will receive a product list with links to various suppliers and you are then responsible for buying the items (or similar items) from the retailers / online shops.

Is the budget that I have set for products flexible?
Yes. You can inform the interior designer that you would like the budget to be flexible. You can also swap out items on the final list for cheaper / more expensive alternatives during your furniture and accessories buying process.

Is it possible to change / supplement the concept with new products if I am not happy with them?
You will receive one additional chance to update the concept if you feel the overall look and feel is not what you anticipated.

What happens if I am not happy with the final interior design concept?
If you feel your expectations didn’t match the interior design service you received, and the updates didn’t match your style, please contact: and we will compensate you.


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